Touchable Earth was founded in 2012 by New Zealand cousins Tudor Clee and Tom Clarkson.

The primary goal of creating Touchable Earth is to promote tolerance in gender, culture, and identity.


We created the first app where kids teach kids about the world.

The four pillars of Touchable Earth are:

  1. Taught by kids
  2. Aged 8-11 years old
  3. An equal representation of girls
  4. Inclusive of all identities


Touchable Earth increases what children know about the world.  More importantly it improves how they understand it. The program develops critical thinking skills essential for a lifetime of learning.

Normalizing diversity: The definition of ‘diversity’ is challenged and presented  as a part of ‘us’ rather than ‘them’.  Children learn to value a message based on it’s merits not the identity of the presenter.

Asking different questions: Children learn to approach a situation from an alternative viewpoint. For instance to ask ‘how are we the same?’ in addition to ‘how are we different?’.

Broadening the answers: The world is unexplainable with multi choice answers. Children learn to answer subjectively and in a human centric way.


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