For Kids

Touchable Earth is easy for kids to use. It contains over 1000 original photos and videos of children their age around the world.

It allows them to see for themselves what life is like for other kids in a context they understand.

For Parents and Educators

An increasing number of schools are adopting global citizenship and UN Sustainable Development Goals into their curriculum.

Touchable Earth directly addresses SDG 4.7 in particular. We welcome feedback on how you are using Touchable Earth in your home or school.


My seven-year-old and even my toddler have loved watching the huge number of videos included for each country

For the parent or teacher who is dedicated to raising multicultural awareness, this app is designed perfectly for you.

This is one of the most interesting apps we have found!

From a multicultural and ‘crossing borders’ point of view, this app demonstrates a wide diversity in a friendly and approachable format.

Touchable Earth Lets Kids Teach Kids About The World

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Touchable earth makes exploring the globe interactive and fun, with litterally the world in your hands.